Charles Tahan
Physicist in Washington, D.C.
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I am a physicist at the Laboratory of Physical Sciences (LPS) at the University of Maryland. My current research interests include theoretical quantum information science and technology, quantum computers, condensed matter physics, and nanotechnology.

Previously I worked for Booz Allen Hamilton as a science advisor to DARPA. I was located on-site in the Microsystems Technology Office and acted as technical consultant on MTO's quantum computing and quantum information science programs.

As a NSF Distinguished Research Fellow I worked in the Theory of Condensed Matter (TCM) division at the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. I also did research at the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology, School of Physics at the University of Melbourne, Australia and at the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Before that, I was in the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA in the silicon solid-state quantum computing group.

This site serves as a repository for prior academic work and in no way represents the views or opinions of anyone but myself. Following tradition, most of this site is very out-of-date.

Aerial view of Madison, WI.
Diamond waveguide from the University of Melbourne's QCV.
The monoliths of Avebury, England.
Slide from nanotechnology talk.
Cherry trees of Washington, D.C.
Nanotechnology and its societal implications, class logo.
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I never quite finished a page on my postdoc experiences traveling around the world. (Updated with Japan pictures!)
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My current research focuses on the intersection of quantum physics and nanotechnology, specifically systems and devices based on quantum entanglement and fundamental excitations of nature, including quantum information science and technology.

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Old research on earth systems science, atmospheric physics, crystal growth, and other stuff.
Thinking and Stuff, Related
I am interested in the societal implications of advanced technologies, including nanotechnology and quantum information technology.

I recently taught a course on Nanotechnology and Society (Spring 2005) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison which was co-developed with R. Leung (Sociology), C. Miller (Public Affairs), W. Crone (Eng. Phys.), K. Ellison (Hist. Tech.), and G. Zenner (MRSEC).

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Visit the new group site:

Interested in quantum computers, condensed matter theory, and quantum technology? Apply for a postdoctoral fellow position in my quantum information and device theory group at the Lab for Physical Sciences / University of Maryland. Send me an email for more information.

Science Perspective: Catching the quantum sound wave. 10 Oct 2014
Preprint paper: Superconducting-semiconductor quantum devices: from qubits to particle detectors. 1 Jul 2014
Charles Tahan selected to receive the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). 23 Dec 2013
Preprint paper: Electron spin resonance and spin-valley physics in a silicon double quantum dot. 23 Nov 2013
Preprint paper: Bottom-up superconducting and Josephson junction devices inside a Group-IV semiconductor. 30 Aug 2013
* A must read.
Preprint paper: Observation of Autler-Townes effect in a dispersively dressed Jaynes-Cummings system. (9 Aug 2013)
Quantum Characterization, Verification, and Validation (QCVV) BAA Announced. (12 Jun 2013)
Preprint paper: Toward engineered quantum many-body phonon systems. (23 Feb 2013)
Preprint paper: Spin-valley lifetimes in a silicon quantum dot with tunable valley splitting. (5 Feb 2013)
Preprint paper: Relaxation of excited spin, orbital, and valley qubit states in single electron silicon quantum dots. (2 Jan 2013)
Preprint paper: On-chip cavity quantum phonodynamics with an acceptor qubit in silicon. (8 Aug 2012)
Phoniton nominated Invention of the Year Finalist, Physical Sciences Category, University of Maryland Office of Technology Commercialization. (Mar 2012)
Preprint paper: Phonitons as a sound-based analogue of cavity quantum electrodynamics. (10 July 2011)
First day at the Lab for Physical Sciences. (28 Sept 2009)
Recent article on Quantum Information Technology and Industry in winter 2008 issue of The Quantum Times, the newsletter of the APS Topical Group on Quantum Information. (11 Jan 2008)
Colloquium at Stanford University on Spookytechnology and Society: The progress and implications of quantum information science and technology. (21 May 2008)
Preprint paper on Quantum fluctuations, temperature, and detuning effects on solid-light systems. Follow up paper on solid-light work - Accepted to PRL. (27 Mar 2008)
New DARPA program solicitation: QuEST - Quantum Entanglement Science and Technology. (26 Mar 2008)
Preprint paper on Quantum phase transitions in photonic cavities with two-level systems. Follow up paper on solid-light work - Accepted to PRA. (30 Oct 2007)
Recent article, Spookytechnology and Society, preprint and more information here. Both available on my updated Technology + Society site. (12 Oct 2007)

Watch this space for pictures from Cambridge...coming eventually.
Article on unusual postdocs by K. Powell in Nature that mentions me. I updated my Kung Physics page with pictures from Tokyo.
Recent article in New Scientist magazine on our research in quantum many-body light and photonic solids. Unfortunately it's not free.
Our paper on controllable valley splitting in silicon nanodevices was just published in Nature Physics. Free preprint here.
Preprint of The Nanotechnology R(evolution) (chapter to appear in Nanoethics: Examining the Societal Impact of Nanotechnology, 2007).
Preprint of Identifying Nanotechnology in Society (chapter to appear in Advances in Computers, 2007).
Summary and more information on our work using condensed matter physics to control photons.
Our paper on quantum phase transitions of light was just published in Nature Physics. There's also a 'News and Views' article on this new idea. (December, 2006)
Preprint paper (free) on Quantum phase transitions of light in diamond nanostructured arrays and other photonic systems.
First NatureJobs article [PDF] on my postdoc and visit to Australia.
Kung Physics: My physics walkabout postdoc page.
My Nanotech+Society site is up.
Nanoethics Group Advisory Board press release. (January 24, 2006)
My Nanotech+Society course materials are now mostly online, including a journal paper on the course.
Most of my science talks are now online. A few are waiting on me posting papers to the arxiv.
I just deposited my Ph.D. thesis. I'm done baby! (August 19, 2005)
Slashdot story on my Nanotechnology and Society course.
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