Charles Tahan

I’m a physicist at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS), located at the University of Maryland-College Park. My research group‘s interests include condensed matter/solid-state physics and quantum information science and technology (QuIST). The merger of these two fields creates opportunities for new physics and technology, such as quantum computers. I also have a long-term commitment to science outreach and exploring the impact of science and technology on society.

Previously I worked for Booz Allen Hamilton as a science advisor to DARPA. I was located on-site in the Microsystems Technology Office and acted as technical consultant on MTO’s quantum computing and quantum information science programs.

As a NSF Distinguished Research Fellow I worked in the Theory of Condensed Matter (TCM) division at the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. I also did research at the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology, School of Physics at the University of Melbourne, Australia and at the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Before that, I was in the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA in the silicon solid-state quantum computing group.

This site serves as a repository for prior academic work and in no way represents the views or opinions of anyone but myself. Following tradition, most of this site will be very out-of-date.


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Charles Tahan
Physicist in Washington, D.C.